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Culinary Perfectionists

At The Cheesecake Factory, we pride ourselves on setting a Culinary standard unlike any other restaurant company, and that must begin with scratch cooking. While we continue to preserve our classic dishes, we also embrace the evolution of taste that our guests have come to expect from our creative and cutting edge culinary vision.

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"We use only the freshest quality ingredients and incorporate advanced cooking techniques so that every recipe is delicious and memorable every time. Our extremely talented kitchen staff executes at the highest level, and with finesse, as they strive to maintain the integrity of our food."

Donald Moore, Chief Culinary Officer
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  • Scratch Cooking with High Quality Ingredients make every dish memorable
  • Leading Technology and Kitchen Management Systems
  • Highly competitive Total Rewards Packages to include equity at the EKM level
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  • 100% of our EKMs are promoted internally
  • Master Execution of Diverse Menu
  • 10 Week Structured Training Conducted in local restaurants
  • Unparalleled Career development to EKM through our Culinary Leadership Operations Roadmap
  • Cheesecake Factory Institute (CFI) and Professional Assessment and Development Center
  • Amazing new menu items introduced Every Six Months
  • Robust sustainability program that is aligned with our culture and values
  • Through our 'Give Back' program we have sponsored more than 3,500 team members and more than 145 non-profit organizations have benefited
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New Restaurant Openings

Let’s Celebrate Growth! 2017 will be another growth year for The Cheesecake Factory with several new restaurant openings planned. We look forward to making our big happy family even bigger.

For one of our first openings we travel to the islands and open a new location in Oahu. Next, we welcome a new location to our home state and open in Carlsbad, California. Watch for information on more new restaurants throughout the year.